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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Does the price include set up and delivery?

A: Yes, although additional fees may apply for areas farther out. Remember prices do not include sales tax.

Q: Do you deliver to other cities?

A: Yes, but once again please be aware that due to rising gas prices and the possible need for an extra truck and labor that travel fees can be quite high. Please call our office for a current quote.

Q: Does the standard 4 hour rental time include your set up time?

A: No. We arrive early to set up so you get the entire rental time to play.

Q: When do you set up?

A: That depends on how many rentals we have that day. Generally we arrive 1-3 hours before the rental time begins. If we have a lot of rentals that day, we may need to set up as early as 4 hours in advance. If this is the case, we will call the Friday before to confirm that someone will be at the party location.

Q: We've rented some really dirty jumps from other companies in the past. Are they always that dirty?

A: No. The jump should be clean when you get it. [company name] cleans and disinfects after every rental.

Q: Do we have to keep it plugged in the entire time?

A: Yes. A blower keeps air in the jump unit the entire time. Once unplugged they deflate. That's why we require an outlet within 50ft of the unit or a generator. Longer cords can pop your circuit breaker so we bring our own heavy duty cords.

Q: What about parks? Do parks have electricity?

A: We love setting up at parks but most parks do NOT have electricity. If you want to set up at a park, you must rent a generator. We rent generators at a reasonable cost. Also, parks are first come, first serve so get your spot early in the day.

Q: What payments do you take?

A: Cash or Credit Cards. If paying by cash, please have exact change as our drivers do not carry cash.

Q: What if we need to cancel?

A: Please check out our policies page for details.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes all orders require a 50% Credit Card deposit. The are fully refundable if you cancel your order at least 8 days prior to your rental date. If you cancel between 2-7 days prior to your rental you will be given a rain check that is good for 1 year. Please note that we have a 72 hour policy in which you can no longer cancel or reschedule your event. Since a driver and the item has already been locked in for your event we can no longer have you refunded if you cancel.

Q: How big are the jumps?

A: Most of our jumps (all of our character jumps for example) are 15ft x 15ft which is a little bigger than many companies rent. Please note the space required for each jump (listed near the large picture) as some are VERY big and require extra space. When in doubt, measure your space to make sure it will fit. Jumps need room to be staked and they need room for the blower and can't rub against walls or trees as this may damage the jump. The sizes listed with each jump include the space needed for stakes etc. If you have stairs or a tiered backyard, please call our office to discuss options for setup.

Q: What about the big jumps? Any special requirements?

A: Check the requirements listed with each jump. Also, make sure you have at least a 4ft access to the area where it will be set up. The jumps can weigh up to 650 pounds so we need a clear path with ample room.

Q: What surfaces do you set up on?

A: We can set up on Grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt, asphalt, and concrete. Sorry, we can't set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps.

Q: Can we see a copy of your contract and safety rules?

A: Yes. There is a link in your receipt once you've ordered or you may contact our office.

Q: Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?

A: Yes and no. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time. If this happens please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation. If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. not turning off the blower in high winds) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc which can cost thousands of dollars. We don't want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.

Q: What makes commercial jumps different than store bought ones?

A: For one the material used in commercial grade inflatables are considerably thicker and heavier. Also, most store grade inflatables are like balloons you inflate and seal, while commercial grades require a heavy blower that runs continuously. Commercial inflatables also have numerous safety features.

Q: How are the inflatables secured?

A: The inflatables are secured on grass by either stakes or hooks depending on the size or type of unit. If the unit is set up on any other surface like concrete, gym floors, etc. then we will use sandbags to secure them.

Q: Will the Stakes or Hooks damage my yard?

A: No, there should be no significant damage to your yard other than a small hole in the ground. However; they can damage your irrigation system by puncturing a hole in the pipe. To avoid this, you will want to let your delivery driver know how your sprinkler system is set up so they can help you place the unit in the best possible area. Some small yards may require sandbags anyways just because of sprinkler layout.

Q: What if the driver sets up and I don't like where it is, will they move it?

A: Moving a unit a few feet is an easy task and our drivers who are willing to accommodate your needs. Moving the unit across the lawn or from the front yard to the back once it has been set up can be time consuming and may not be in the driver's timetable based on his delivery schedule so please be sure to note the measurements of the unit before you pick the placement of set up and discuss it with the driver if there are any potential issues,

Q: What should I do to prepare for the delivery driver to arrive?

A: Delivery drivers run on a tight schedule with multiple deliveries or pick-ups so it is helpful if you have a few things ready to go; A cleared accessible pathway to the area the unit will be set up. An area cleared of sticks, rocks and yard "bombs" left by your favorite family pet. Someone should be readily available to ensure the set-up process is done to your satisfaction and handle signing any outstanding paperwork. If you digitally sign your contract and pay in advance it can speed up this process.

Q: Who takes my payment if I have a balance due the day of delivery? Can I pay by check?

A: The delivery drivers can take your payments by cash or card through our CC app or you can pay online via the link you received in your delivery email. No checks are accepted unless they are business checks with the name of the business printed on them and it has been previously approved by management.

Q: Is there a reason the delivery driver would show up early? Does my event time change because of it?

A: The delivery driver uses his or her discretion on what's best suited for delivery based on the time frames they are given, if for any reason, they see fit to deliver early or pick-up later, it is due only to the needs of the route, and will not affect your event or your payment what so ever.

Q: How long should I expect it to take a delivery driver to set up?

A: Set up time can vary based on the unit or number of units, the layout and the accessibility of the yard. The easier deliveries can take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, while more challenging set ups can take up to an hour or more.

Q: How much space do I need for my jump?

A: Units vary in size and dimensions are listed for each item on our website. A good rule of thumb is to add 2 feet on each side of the unit to cover room to secure and room for natural movement of the unit.

Q: What if it is expected to rain the day of my party or begins to once the driver has left?

A: Many of our units have roofs and we have rain tarps available but rain tarps in no way keep a unit from ultimately getting wet. There are only a limited number of tarps available so they are only sent out on request. Unfortunately, unless a request for a tarp is made ahead of time we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate every situation when requested the day of or during an event.

Q: Is there an age or weight limit? Can adults jump too?

A: There are no set limits on age or weight, it is up to the discretion of the individual renting the unit. In most cases, the weight of the riders will only determine the number of riders allowed on the unit at once. Adults are absolutely allowed to join in the fun.

Q: My party has ended and the driver is not here, is there anything I should do?

A: Unless you need to shut off the blower, you can leave the unit running, the drivers like to bring the units down in a way that makes it easier to roll and return. If you do need to shut it down, make sure the unit is completely empty of guests before doing so. Injury may result from guests jumping on deflating blowers as well as damage to the unit. Please leave the blower plugged in so they can inflate and bring it down in the proper way.

Q: Should I expect to tip the driver?

A: Tipping is never expected, but we do feel our drivers will earn your respect with their outstanding service. This job is supplemental income for many drivers your appreciation of their service is much appreciated by them.

Q: What makes an inflatable company legitimate?

A: Inflatable companies that follow state standards of having units inspected and licensed annually, carrying the proper amount of insurance and doing the proper amount of training for delivery drivers, helpers and attendants. The price difference between legitimate companies and questionable ones reflect this.

Q: Will the driver show me how to run the concession machine I rented?

A: Yes, the delivery driver has been trained and will show you how the machine works and what to do when you make your selected concession. In fact, if you want they may even make an example for you.

Q: Are the stories about jumps flying away true?

A: Yes. However, those were unsecured bouncers. We secure our bouncers with stakes or sandbags depending on the set up surface and we will not set up if the weather conditions are too windy. Additionally, the ones you have read about are not usually commercial grade inflatables, so they are lighter than our commercial grade inflatables.

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